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Studio Flux

All lockers must be emptied and unlocked

While the end of the four semester MA Communication Design course is approaching, the point where every student has to face the world outside of the university comes closer. At the end of the academic year all lockers need to be cleared. This custom has been translated into a visual metaphor for the degree show identity as it reflects the students position of moving ahead and exposing oneself. What has been accumulated throughout the course, parts of experiments, notes, references, project fragments – or a favourite pen, portray each students personal journey.

Throughout the course a series of projects, experiments and extensive research has lead to a topic of research and a following (preliminary) final outcome. Which is communicated and presented at the degree show.

For the exhibition space the structure and material has been chosen to create small open spaces recalling an exposed locker.

Website: 2016.csmcommunicationdesign.com

In collaboration with: Ana Mafalda Henriques (Design)

Aude Rouaux & Felix Guth (Webdesign)

Tommaso Russo & Shuruti Vengatesh (Curation)

Gallery images: Di Cao

Design & Art Direction – Identity – Print – Website – 2016
Using the provided folder a personal project catalogue can be assembled.

Using the provided folder a personal project catalogue can be assembled.

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Flux means continuous change, flow and ongoing development — the opposite of stagnation.

Studio Flux was founded by Nils Braun, creating visual concepts with a process-driven approach and in close collaboration with the client. The core of every project is a coherent basis, established through an analytical and research based method. While contemporary tendencies are noted, the aim is to design towards visual longevity. Working cross-media and embracing new technology – future-oriented, innovative and unexpected outcomes can emerge.

Creative services: Design & Art Direction – Branding – Webdesign – Editorial Design.

Nils Braun
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Andreas Ebneter
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Studio Flux
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Supporting the idea of constant flow, with each reload of the website a different font is used. Those webfonts are published with a Open Source licence which makes them available to anyone. Thanks to all the respective type designers.

Studio Flux
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