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Studio Flux

Motion — captured

shnit is an international shortfilmfestival, originating in Bern, Switzerland. Due to great success the festival has grown rapidly and branched out to Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Cairo, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Moscow and San José.

Studio Flux has worked with the team at shnit to develop the brand strategy and positioning, creating a distinct art direction style and visual identity for the festival.

Referring back to the first attempts to capture moving image by Eadweard Muybridge in 1878, a series of key visuals for the shnit shortfilmfestival have been created. They illustrate a motion in one image – a short film at a glance.

The poster series has been awarded with the “100 Best Posters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland 2014”.

Design & Art Direction – Print – Poster – Editorial – 2014

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Flux means continuous change, flow and ongoing development — the opposite of stagnation.

Studio Flux was founded by Nils Braun, creating visual concepts with a process-driven approach and in close collaboration with the client. The core of every project is a coherent basis, established through an analytical and research based method. While contemporary tendencies are noted, the aim is to design towards visual longevity. Working cross-media and embracing new technology – future-oriented, innovative and unexpected outcomes can emerge.

Creative services: Design & Art Direction – Branding – Webdesign – Editorial Design.

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Supporting the idea of constant flow, with each reload of the website a different font is used. Those webfonts are published with a Open Source licence which makes them available to anyone. Thanks to all the respective type designers.

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